Collana Law and Politics – diretta da Mariano Croce e Marco Goldoni – Routledge – Londra-New York

Collana “Law and Politics: Continental Perspectives”

1. Daniel Innerarity, Ethics of Hospitality  (2016)

2. Santi Romano, The Legal Order, a cura di M. Croce (2017)

3. Mariano Croce, The Politics of Juridification (2018)

4. Massimo De Carolis, The Anthropological Paradox. Niches, Micro-worlds and Psychic Dissociation (2018)

5. Luigi Corrias, Lyana Francot (a cura di), Temporal Boundaries of Law and Politics: Time Out of Joint (2018)

6. Angela Condello, Maurizio Ferraris, John Rogers Searle, Money, Social Ontology and Law (2018)

7. Sandro Chignola, Foucault’s Politics of Philosophy: Power, Law, and Subjectivity (2019)

8. Angela Condello, Tiziana Andina, Post-Truth, Philosophy and Law (2019)

9. Johan van Der Walt, The Concept of Liberal Democratic Law (2019)

10. Cosmin Cercel, Gian Giacomo Fusco, Simon Lavis, States of Exception: Law, History, Theory (2022)

11. Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch, Daniel Halliday, Thomas Gutmann, Inheritance and the Right to Bequeath: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives (2022)

12. Emilio Betti, Hermeneutics as a General Methodology of the Sciences of the Spirit (2022)

13. Geminello Preterossi, Political Theology and Law (2022)

14. Tom Frost, Law, Relationality and the Ethical Life: Agamben and Levinas (2023)

15. Mariano Croce, Law, Necessity, and the Crisis of the State: The Early Writings of Santi Romano (2023)


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